Tuesday, 23 January 2018

5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnels - the Counters

Sometimes you just want to get into the game quickly. We've included some color card stock counters in 5150: Bugs -Inside the Tunnels to help you do that. Here's what they look like.

Also added 24 tunnel sections. Here's three out of the six different ones.

Watch for the Step by Step Campaign AAR coming up!

5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnels AAR Part Two

Part One
Here's the same fight. 

 But this time the Bugs scored the Advantage - score of 4, 5 or 6 on the Action Table when contact occurs.
 Both sides roll on the Action Table and both pass 2d6, but this time the Bugs get to act first and they charge.
 Here's how they match up against the Squad. Only after all targets have been charged or targeted if shooting, can you double up on a target. In this case I rolled randomly to see who they were - the 3rd and 6th Squadie.

 The Squad opens fire and as the Bugs are charging, the fire isn't as effective - pass 1d6 when shooting and you miss chargers and the 2nd or 3rd targets.

 The Bugs now move into melee. Melee is resolved and two of the Squadies go down.

As melee ends, the Bugs have finished their actions, so both sides take the Will to Fight Test. The Star Army now takes its turn and opens fire....

I'll end it here as you can see that having the Advantage is important. It doesn't guarantee you'll act first, but it does help.  More to come.  Counters included!

5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnels - AAR Part One

With 5150: Bugs - Into the Tunnel  finished and ready for release Friday (directly from our site and as part of a Kickstarter) I though I post a couple of How To AARs before launching a full blown Step-by-Step Campaign. So here goes.

 I resolve a PEF as 8 Bugs. 1st thing to do is roll 1d6 on the Action Table to see who has the Advantage when the two groups met. In this case, it's the Star Army Squad. 

 Next both sides roll 2d6 versus the Rep of the Leader to see who will act first. As both sides pass 2d6, the side with the Advantage acts first.

 The Star Army Squad opens fire with 1 Grenade Launcher, 1 Rapid Fire Laser and 4 Laser Rifles. Each Laser Rifle can target 1 Bug while the Rapid Fire Laser can target 3, the Grenade Launcher up to 5.
 The fire is devastating with 7 of the 8 Bugs being hit. Damage is rolled and its a variety from Obviously Dead, Out of the Fight, and Halt in place.

After one side finishes its actions, both sides take the Will to Fight Test. And the Bugs Leave the Fight.

Now let's play the  same fight with the Bugs gaining the Advantage - Part Two.  

Thursday, 11 January 2018

25% Off Sale - Extended through the Weekend

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Into the Tunnels - Preview AAR - More ways to play

 Into the Tunnels is the first of three Kickstarters with Acheson Creations. We'll be doing the rules and they'll be doing the 15mm minis and resin terrain sections. Here's a sample of the game. I start with two Star Army Squads.

 Into the tunnels. Each tile section is 4" wide and can be used with 15mm or 28mm figures. Tiles are 3 to 4" deep depending upon the type.
 When it's time to move into the next section you roll on the Tunnel Table and it tells you what tile to lay down next. There are 9 different tiles. If you roll a tile that you don't have, there's a second and third column telling you what to replace it with. 
Enter a new section, roll for Bugs!

 WTF?! Included in the rules are color card stock counters and a 24 card color deck of tiles. You can play with minis or with the counters.
When you enter a new tile just draw a card. If you draw a card with a Bug on it, like the one in the picture, you've met Bugs. Just like using the resin tiles, once contact is met roll on the Resolution Table to see how many Bugs you've met.

Bottom line, you can play with minis and resin tiles or with counters and the tunnel deck. Either way, no two tunnels will ever be the same.

More to come.

5150 Kickstarter Coming this month!

The Kickstarter will include:
 Rules, color counters, resin tunnel pieces, and 15mm miniatures.

Two Hour Wargames has partnered with Acheson Creations to bring you 5150: Bugs – Into the Tunnels, the first of our three 5150 Kickstarters.  Into the Tunnels is a complete game playable with our minis and resin tunnel sections. Let’s talk about the rules:
Inside you’ll find:  

  • Complete rules covering five types of Bugs – Warrior, Worker, Flyer, Puker, and Brain.
  • A Tunnel Building system that allows you to construct a wide variety of tunnels where no two are exactly alike.
  • Ten different Scenarios that are linked together, building your Story.
  • Army Lists for the Star Army, Star Marines, and Planet Defensive Force.
  • Simple Campaign Rules that tie your Mission’s together, giving you a reason to play, with little bookkeeping.
  • Easy yet realistic rules allowing you to play solo or cooperatively against the game, or head-to-head against your friends.
  • All this and much more.
Kicks off on the 19th.

Preview AAR

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Weird War Zed - Bat Rep Day One

Weird War Zed

“Run that by me again Sarge,” Randall asked.
“Captain says we’re looking for a secret laboratory that may be housing a German scientist creating zombies.” Sarge replied “Zombies…undead creatures.”
“Right… Maybe some vampires and werewolves too?” Randall said with a smile.
Sarge scowled and said “Be serious. Although there have been reports of werewolves; vampires? Really; vampires? Now grab Wilks and let’s go”.
Randall shook his head. “What have I signed up for?”
Here's a look at some of the cards included in the game. You can use minis if you want.


I have 21 days to complete the Campaign – find Herr Doktor and destroy his laboratory. Here’s a quick AAR of my first Mission of WWZ. It’s a Raid and will burn up one day of time.

Each Mission you can resolve up to 3 Contacts – a chance to run into someone or something. I roll 2d6 versus the Contact number of 5 – the Campaign starts out with a high chance of Contact – and score a 1 and 1. As each d6 is equal or lower than the Contact number, I pass 2d6. Looking on the Contact Table I see there’s been contact. Something new on the table – I add the scores of the passed d6 (2) and it tells me how many I have run into – two more than my group (3) so five characters. One less table to roll on!

Missions are either in the City or in the Lab. I roll 1d6 and add the result (6) to the Contact number to see what I have run into. Uh, oh – 5 German soldiers. As there’s only 5 German soldier cards no need to randomly draw for them. I set up the fight on a 12" x 12" table space.

I’ve just run into 5 German soldiers, but who was moving and who was in cover? I roll 1d6 on the Action Table. 1, 2 or 3 I have the Advantage – am stationary and in cover. 4, 5 or 6 and they have the Advantage – they are stationary and in cover. Note that after the first round of firing, ALL characters are considered to be in cover. I score a 2. I have the Advantage.

 I now roll 2d6 versus Sarge’s Rep of 5 and pass 2d6. Klaus, the German Leader rolls 2d6 and also passes 2d6. Looking on the Action Table the side with the Advantage acts first – I open fire. Each of my soldiers have a TR of 2 so can fire two shots. I split them up as shown and roll 2d6 versus Rep.

 As no terrain is needed the placement of the cards tells the story.
·        If you’re ready to fight, place the card with its head towards the enemy so the player can read its info.
·        Placing the card with the bottom facing the enemy means it’s in Duck Back – can’t see or be seen.
·        Lay the card sideways and it’s Out of the Fight.
·        Place it face down and its Obviously Dead.
Here's what happens after the first round of SAS fire. Note that the two Germans that were missed can immediately return fire on the soldier that shot at them. They do.

And miss. The soldier fired on can now return fire and scores 2 hits.

Damage is taken, one Out of the Fight and one Duck Back. As all firing is done, both active and return fire, both sides take the Will to Fight Test. Both sides pass.

The Germans are now active and spend their turn recovering from Duck Back. They are now in sight and can see and be seen. However, recovering takes up their whole turn. It's now the SAS turn and they fire.

Here are the results. Note the placement of the cards. Again, no need for terrain.

As the Germans cannot fire it ends the turn and time for the Will to Fight Test. The Brits pass and the last German leaves the table. Fight over, but...

The fight is over and there are two German soldiers left Out of the Fight. These are captured and interrogated on the spot. Neither soldier provides any info. Now what to do with them? We'll quit the Mission, take them back to HQ and reap the benefits.

Each captured German soldier returned drops the Contact number by 1 so it's now 3, the lowest it can be. The Mission wasn't a success as I didn't resolve all 3 Contact, but reducing the Contact number to 3 was worth it.